Programming projects


Fly Thumbnail A flight simulator. more...


Ryuuk is a simple concurrent webserver written in C++11 and bsd sockects. more...


NES Emulator Thumbnail SimpleNES is an NES emulator hacked together for nothing but fun and nostalgia. Play (some of) your childhood games! more...


Notes Thumbnail Notes is a simple musical notes player. more...


xkcd-shuffle Thumbnail xkcd shuffle aims to fix the random button in xkcd. Browse xkcd in a random order, persistant across sessions and easily continue anywhere with a link. Open


Gravity Thumbnail Gravity, a survial game set in space, you are in a space station orbiting Earth but things have gone awry and you have a situation with broken satellites, how long can you survive ? (Yes, the premise is very similar to that Hollywood movie of the same name). Made in C++ with SFML. more...

Mini Tanks

Mini Tanks Thumbnail Mini Tanks is a turn-based, artillery game where you destroy other tanks to win. Features a fully destructible, procedurally generated terrain. Play multiplayer with upto 8 local players. Made in C++ with SFML. more...


Prattle Thumbnail Prattle is a chat program, made in C++. more...


Pandemonium Thumbnail Pandemonium is an action platformer game made for a 72-hour game jam in IIIT Jabalpur.
This was the winning entry for the theme Steampunk
Clear waves of Steampunk enemies trying to kill with your crowbar and crossbow! Keybindings: W A S D for movement, J to hit, K to switch weapon. more...

Minor programming stuff


TwoCars Thumbnail A clone of the 2 Cars game in C++11/SFML
TwoCars is a simple 2D endless runner where you simultaneously control two cars while taking all the circles and avoiding all triangles to keep running.
How much can you score ? more...


life.hs Thumbnail A dead-simple Conway's Game of Life simulation written in Haskell.
A seed made up of matrix of 0s and 1s can be piped/entered and then subsequent generations are simulated. more...

A python script/program with which you can control your media player (any player which implements MPRIS 2.0, most do) and display the metadata of the current track playing.
It was primarily made to display the metadata on conky for my conky theme.
Supported actions: Changing track to the next/previous in the playlist, play/pause the playback and increment/decrement volume.
Download the the python source

Brainfu*k interpretter

My attempt at a Brainfu*ck interpretter. Nothing fancy. To compile just pass it to your favorite compiler.


life.hs Thumbnail A small program which plots mathematical functions using SFML for graphics. The functions need to be defined in the source since I didn't bother writing a parser. I made this in an obscure situation when I didn't had access to Intenet to download a graphing utility but I had a small use for one and I had time to kill.
To compile:
$ g++ -std=c++11 plot.cpp -o plot  -lsfml-graphics -lsfml-window -lsfml-system

Prime Sieve

I made a prime sieve optimized for space and speed while solving Project Euler's questions.
Download the source header


I made a quine in C++11. Compile with a C++11 compiler, and compare the output with the source!

Non-programming stuff

This website

Made from scratch.


Conky Cards Thumbnail I made a conky theme/script!
And it is awesome. more...