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A concurrent web-server written in C++ that implements HTTP/1.0 and some things from HTTP/1.1.
Currently Ryuuk runs in POSIX compliant environments only.
It can perfectly host static websites (for some definition of "perfect"). Of course, this being a pet project it never was intendeded to be used in production.


Download the source


$ git clone https://github.com/amhndu/ryuuk
$ cd ryuuk
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -ji # where i = no. of cores you can spare

Command line options

Usage: ryuuk [OPTION-1] [VALUE-1] [OPTION-2] [VALUE-2] ... [OPTION-N] [VALUE-N]

 -h                        Display this help message and exit

 -cfg [PATH-TO-FILE]       Specifiy a config file

 -lvl [LOG-LEVEL]          Specifiy a log level

 -log [PATH-TO-LOG-FILE]   Specifiy a log file