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Gravity is a survial game set in space, you are in a space station orbiting Earth but things have gone awry and you have a situation with broken satellites, how long can you survive ? (Yes, the premise is very similar to that Hollywood movie of the same name).
Programmed with C++11 with the SFML library for graphics. I made this is as my final project in school. This is a clone of the HTML5 game Orbital Debris.


Click "New Game" to start playing, then satellites will start appearing. Dodge the satellites and their debris by increasing the space spation's (i.e. your) orbit by pressing the arrow keys. Up to increase, down to decrease the orbit radii.


Gravity Screenshot 1 Gravity Screenshot 2 Gravity Screenshot 3 Gravity Screenshot 4

Gameplay video

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Download the source


You need a C++11 compliant compiler and SFML 2.1+ to compile gravity. After you've downloaded the source, you can use cmake to compile Gravity.
On any Linux distribution, these are the typical steps :
$ git clone
$ cd gravity
$ cmake .
$ make
If you don't have cmake and don't wish to install it either, then you can simply compile Gravity by compiling all the cpp files and then linking them with SFML using your IDE/compiler. e.g. With g++, you can enter this command :
$ g++ -o gravity *.cpp -std=c++11 -lsfml-graphics -lsfml-window -lsfml-system
Note : To compile on windows, you also need to link the sfml-main component.


The following images have been taken from here Other than the above no rights have been reserved, but in the event that you use anything, please drop me a mail and give me attribution by linking here.