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A simple flight simulator in C++11/OpenGL.
It uses a coherent noise to create a (practically) infinite terrain over which you can fly an airplane.
This isn't supposed to a realistic model of actual flight but I made this because making my own flight-sim seemed fun enough. (who doesn't want to make one ?)


Fly Screenshot 1 Fly Screenshot 2 Fly Screenshot 3


Download the source


External dependencies are SFML and GLEW, both of which should be available in your repositories (or from their websites).
A C++14 compliant compiler is also required.
Then, compiling Fly is a matter of running cmake in the project directory and using Makefile or equivalent to compile it e.g. on Linux/macOS/BSDs:
$ git clone
$ cd Fly
$ mkdir build    cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -ji # where i = no. of cores you can spare


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Command line options

usage: Fly [options...]

-h   | --help        Print this help text and exit
-w X | wX            Set window width to X (default: 1024)
-H Y | HY            Set window height to Y (default: 720)
-s Z | sZ            Set seed to Z (default: random seed)
-f   | --fullscreen  Set fullscreen mode (default: false)
--wireframe          Render in wireframe mode (default: false)