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Conky Cards is a theme for conky, a system monitor for X. Conky Cards is a simple but an elegent theme to display system information, time and other information. This conky setup consists of eight individual conky scripts ("cards") which display


Conky Cards Screenshot 1 Conky Cards Screenshot 2 Conky Cards Screenshot 3 Conky Cards Screenshot 4


Download the zip from here


Install conky , preferably the package conky-all
For the mediaplayer "card", you need python3
For the fortune "card", you need fortune
The script uses the following fonts, which are included in the repository/download, install them (see Customization if you want to use your fonts) Copy/Move the contents to a directory of your liking and edit the following files to specify this directory by replacing INSERT_PATH to your directory.
e.g. if the scripts are in /home/foo/path/to/my/dir then run
$ cd /home/foo/path/to/my/dir
$ sed -i 's:INSERT_PATH:/home/foo/path/to/my/dir:' mediaplayer_rc
Now, set as executable (chmod u+x and add it to startup applications. If you don't know how, Google is your friend.



You might want to replace usb0 in network_rc with the device you are connected to the internet like eth0 or ppp0 e.g.
$ sed -i 's/usb0/eth0/' network_rc

Media Player

Replace clementine in mediaplayer_rc with your media player. This should probably work just fine after replacement if the media player you are using implements MPRIS 2.0 (most players do). To customize the output, you might want to see python3 --help


See man fortune and edit the arguments to the fortune call in fortune_rc


Each script uses a set of three colors, defined as
Here, (color) can be specified using the hexadecimal notation (without the preceding #) or a string from /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt
Examples of legit colors : red, blue, 20efef
You can change any of the above colors to suit you liking/theme Examples: If you want headings in blue, then run
$ sed -i -r 's/color1 [a-z0-9]+$/color1 0000ff/' *_rc
Similarly, you can change the background color of the 'cards' specified by the variable own_window_colour (color) For transparency, uncomment the lines #own_window_transparent yes (by removing the #). Background opacity is specified by own_window_argb_value (value between 0 and 255)


The following fonts are used Substitue them using sed like above.